The Nightingale Fellowship is a registered charity for the sole benefit of its members. The membership comprises nurses and midwives who studied at the Nightingale Training School at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London, founded by Florence Nightingale in 1860. Other members comprise graduates from the successor training schools. Members in need can apply for support from the substantial Benevolent Fund. Members also enjoy fellowship with former colleagues at organised events in London, across the UK and worldwide.




Closure Notice 

The Trustees of The Nightingale Fellowship have taken the difficult decision to close the Fellowship in 2025. 

A list of FAQs can be found on the About Us page, which may address some of your questions. 

FAQ’S | The Nightingale Fellowship

Future AGM Dates

AGM 2024 – Saturday 11th May 2024

AGM 2025 – Saturday 10th May 2025

May 2023 AGM

Our AGM took place on Saturday 13th May 2023 at St Thomas’ Hospital.

We were delighted by the number of members who were able to attend on the day, despite the train strikes.

A recording of the Chapel Service is now available. 

Please go to the News & Events Page for further details.


Unfortunately, the badge boxes have again sold out.



Annual Journal 2024

              We are delighted to say that we are already receiving new and exciting articles and information for the annual Journal to be published in August next  year.   Please help us by submitting any articles you feel may be of interest to all our members from wherever you are in the world.  For further information please see the details at the back of your current Journal or contact us by email and we will very much look forward to hearing from you.   Thank you.              


Benevolent Fund news

Following the agreed Benevolent Fund changes for the relief, by monetary grants, provided to full members of the Nightingale Fellowship who are in need through hardship, distress, or ill health, the Nightingale Fellowship will now be working in partnership with Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust will now administer, assess and deliver the benevolence function on behalf of The Nightingale Fellowship. The benevolence funds will still be fully managed by the Trustees.

Full details of eligibility and how to apply are given on the Grants page of this website.