The Nightingale Fellowship Esmond Award

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is delighted to announce the Nightingale Fellowship Esmond Award, having been awarded the Esmond Bequest by the Nightingale Fellowship. Full details can be found here

The Nightingale Fellowship Benevolent Fund

What is The Benevolent Fund?

The object of the Benevolent Fund (the charity) is the relief, by monetary grants, provided to Full MEMBERS of the Nightingale Fellowship who are in need through hardship, distress, or ill health.

Who is eligible to apply?

Full Members of The Nightingale Fellowship.

The Nightingale Fellowship is the alumni association of nurses who trained at the Nightingale Training School of St Thomas’ Hospital or one of its’ successor training schools. Members pay an annual fee which entitles them to this and other benefits.

Why and how it is changing  

For many years now the Nightingale Fellowship Benevolent Fund Advisory Committee has considered applications and awarded grants to Nightingale Fellowship members with the assistance of its administration team at The Trust Partnership (TTP).

From 1st January 2022 The Nightingale Fellowship will be working in partnership with the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, who will administer, assess and deliver the benevolence function on behalf of The Nightingale Fellowship. The Benevolence Funds will still be fully managed by the Trustees.

The Trustees have listened to what members have told us. The transfer of this administrative function to an independent and highly respected organisation, further safeguards applicants’ confidentiality and expands support opportunities that can be accessed anytime and expedited in a timely manner.

How to apply?

Application forms can be downloaded here

Alternatively, forms can be requested direct from Cavell on 01527 595 999, or via email to [email protected] 

All applications must be submitted to Cavell for consideration.

Cavell will send an acknowledgement email/letter on the day an application is received, providing a named member of Cavell staff, so that applicants are aware of who is dealing with their request. That member of Cavell staff will then contact the applicant, by telephone, within 5-10 working days to discuss the request.

The application form asks for consent for Cavell to contact TTP, to confirm the applicant is on the Nightingale Fellowship database, as a full member and entitled to access this specific fund.

Cavell are able to respond to requests more rapidly and, in addition to any funding available from the Nightingale Fellowship, are in an excellent position to identify and advise on any additional support that could be available to the applicant, based upon their circumstances.


Other Charitable organisations that may be able to offer assistance

Frederick Andrew Convalescent Trust

You may like to be aware of another charitable organisation called FACT (Frederick Andrew Convalescent Trust). FACT is a charity which offers financial assistance to women for convalescence support, following illness. Please look at their website for further information

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust supports the UK’s 650,000 registered nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, together with retired and student nurses throughout the UK. Please look at their website for further information

The RCN Foundation

The RCN Foundation offers both educational and benevolent funding, to both current and former nursing professionals. For more information please follow this link to their website


Relate offers counselling and support services for couples, families and young people. For further information, please see their website

The Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust

The Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust provides life enhancing grants where funding is not readily available from other sources, towards medical items and services. Supporting adults and children whose lives are impaired by severe health problems and are resident in the UK.

For further information and to apply, please go to their website at

The Company of Nurses

The Company of Nurses Charity gives assistance to bodies who are committed to raising the standards of nursing care and to those that foster the ethos of nursing.  They will provide support for those that are disadvantages or in financial need to help with training or research to improve standards and skills.  For more information please go to

The Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

The Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust Charity is an independent, urban health foundation, taking a whole-systems approach and working with partners across sectors to test and scale different projects, ideas and approaches.  Their long-term view helps make sure that ideas get the space and resource to create a real impact.  Co-producing projects, bringing in experts and providing financial, strategic and practical support to learn what works.  The Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Charity fund ideas up to multi-million pound initiatives and back quick projects as well as multi-year initiatives.  For more information please go to: