Sale of the Figurine by sealed bid

We were delighted in the interest shown for sealed bids to be placed by 30 April 2021 for the figuring as published in the Spring 2021 Journal.

Entries are now closed and details will be published in the Autumn 2021 Journal later in the summer.



Presentation of a framed Nightingale Badge to the Nanjing Nightingale Nursing College

The President and Trustees joined Professor Zhang Ningxin and some faculty members of the Nanjing Health School, with Mary Crawford from Kings College London, for a zoom meeting on Thursday 18th March, 2021.

A framed Nightingale Badge, with inscription, was presented to the nursing school for display in the central meeting point of their Nightingale ‘corridors’. Mrs Hilary Brian (a recent Nightingale Fellowship Trustee) had arranged for the framing. Hilary had also volunteered to represent the Fellowship on the Jon Baines travel tour to China (now taking place in 2022).



The Florence Nightingale Museum

The Museum has faced some challenging times in recent months, with forced closures throughout Nightingale’s bicentenary year, with no plans for reopening the museum in the near future.

The small team who remain, will focus upon caring for the collections, providing access via pre-booked group visits and organising occasional ‘Open Days’ as government restrictions allow and interest warrants.

Despite substantial challenges the museum is in a relatively strong position. This is in no small part due to the support of many former Nightingale’s who have contributed to fundraising efforts and lobbying, so thank you all so much!

In addition to organising various activities the museum team will also continue to fundraise and explore other avenues which the museum can take in the future.   As things stand, we still plan to be able to hold the memorial evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral, which we had planned for 2020, later this year and will also participate in the 2021 Lord Mayors Show . Our web-shop will also continue to operate, so do remember us for your unusual gifts!

We strongly ask for your continued support which is very much appreciated and we are confident we will find a way forward that sees the museum emerge stronger than before. We will be giving you a fuller picture of the Museum in 2021 and going forward within The Nightingale Fellowship Autumn 2021 Journal.




 Please note that the submission date of contributions to be accepted for the Autumn 2021 Journal has now closed.  The Nightingale Fellowship Autumn 2021 Journal will be published in late August 2021.

If you need any further information please contact us at:
[email protected]
The Nightingale Fellowship, 6 Trull Farm Buildings, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8JL

News from The Company of Nurses

Members of The Company of Nurses are enjoying a full programme of events on line throughout the pandemic. These include virtual tours, lectures and wine tastings! Many Nightingale Fellowship members already belong and enjoy meeting with nurses who trained across the country. For more information go to www.thecompanyofnurses.co.uk