Death Acknowledgements

The notifications below have been received since publication of the

Autumn 2021 Journal and are listed in alphabetical order.   

Abrams, Anthea Mary (nee Champness) (1958) died on 25th October 2021

Anderson, Iona (nee Gordon Brown) (1954) died on 29th January 2022

Ball Yolande Heather Storey (nee Gale) (1950) died on 31st March 2022  

Bennett Geraldine Ruth Irene (nee Tibbs) (1969) died on 5th January 2022  

Bleasdale, Catherine Barbara Ann (nee Morris) (1951) died on 17th February 2022

Brett Kathleen Tegwen (nee Cranmer) (1942) died on 26th November 2021  

Brown, Mary Christina (nee Scott) (1957) died on December 24th 2021  

Burke, Johanna Isabel (nee Banbury) (1951) died in November 2019

Bywater, Louise Margrethe (nee Morgan) (1961) died on 19th April 2022  

Chapman Pamela Ann Sylvia (nee Harland) (1960) died on 21st November  

Chisholm, Jose Millicent (nee Smart) (1949) died on 26th September 2021  

Christie, Janet Margaret (nee Nicholson) (1967) DoD unknown currently  

Clarke, April (1968) died on 25th February 2021

Dankworth, Rosalind (nee Ramsay) (1955) died on 23rd September 2022  

England, Edyth Glynis (nee Pointing) (1959) died on 12th December 2021  

Ford, Rosemary Ann (nee MacDonald) (1959) died on 29th May 2022  

Frater, Alison Mary (nee Flint) (1965) died on 19th August 2022  

Fyles, Yvonne Lilian (1959) DoD unknown

Gait, Jennifer Mary (1967) died on 17th December 2021

Gibbs, Winifred Mary (nee Warren-Perry) (1954) died on 22nd August 2021

Green, Josephine (nee Wright) (1953) died on 22nd July 2022  

Greenwood, Sandrina Marguarite (nee Campbell) (1958) died on 6th March 2021  

Hardie-Budden, Katherine Melissa (nee Eppard-Woelfiel) (1970) died on 5th July 2022  

Jones Jane (nee Sheen) (lapsed member) died on 7th August 2021    

Kew Patricia (nee Alderman) (1953) died 1st January 2022

Ladbury, Margaret Ruth (nee Farrow) (1956) died on 14th August 2021  

Mace Anne (lapsed member) (1960) died on 10th January 2022

Mailer Mary Isabel (nee Housden) (1960) died on 10th January (year unknown)

Parry, Mary Catherine (nee Arnott) (1957) died on 26th June 2019

Purvis Elisabeth Marston (nee Verity) (1958) died on 22nd January 2022  

Reay, Mary Anne (nee Swiney) (1957) died on 16th October 2021  

Richards, Sarah Grace (1962) died on 6th March 2022

Riley, Kathleen (Kay) Muriel (1953) died on 1st August 2022  

Rowland, Mary Marguerite M.B.E (nee Harris) (1950) died in December 2021

Self – Averil (Akey) Elizabeth (nee Gunningham) (1956) died on 8th February 2020

Smith, Sheila Hilda (1950) died on 18th August 2021

Stevens – Elizabeth Ann (1963) died on 28th February 2021

Stott, Paula Claire (nee Hegarty) (1946) died in 2016

Wells, Mary Carmen (nee Molony) (1963) died on 22nd August 2021  

Westoby, Anne (nee MacDermott) (1947) died on 1st July 2021

Wilson, Sara Remington (nee Hollins) (2011) died on 10th May 2022  

Wood, Rosalind Frances (nee Mallett) (1963) non-member died on 10th August 2022  



Lapsed member: Gallop, Victoria died suddenly on 22nd February 2021