Nightingale Nurse qualified 1975

One of the joys of being a Nightingale is that special link between us. I was struggling to cope with all that was going on in my life yet felt supported and loved by the Nightingales who trained with me all those decades ago. I had just left an abusive marriage, my finances were desperate. One of those Nightingales suggested I apply to the Benevolent Fund and within weeks of completing the form a cheque arrived. At that time of need the Benevolent Fund came to my rescue and I not only received financial support, I felt comforted by the care offered to me at a time of great need.

Nightingale Nurse qualified 1976

Thank you so much for the extremely generous award. We feel grateful and somewhat humbled by your generosity. The money will assist both with respite and towards a new motability car.

Nightingale Nurse qualified 1974

I was a beneficiary of the Benevolent Fund. It helped me manage whilst I recovered from illness. I can still feel the relief I felt then as I write this now!